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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Adventure become a Chapter?

Yes. When an Adventure crosses 250 active members it will be tested against our compatibility matrix and scored based on current player playstyle preference. If it received a score of 60% or more it can be considered for chapter inclusion upon crossing 300 active members.

Why Can't I Progress to the Guardian Role without playing a chapter?

For the roles above Guardian, we really want to encourage players to witness our community at full scale. Adventures are small scale groups and you can't really witness the grand scale of what we do in Adventures alone.

Why can't I lead before Lorgaire rank?

We want to make sure that before people try to lead in our community, they have a firm understanding of how to claim participation so that they can explain to their followers how to claim participation. By reaching the Lorgaire rank they should have claimed their first credo and claimed participation in several events. Thus they should have a firm grasp of how the system works.

Why is nobody playing the Adventure I signed up for?

Adventures typically come in 1 of 2 forms.

  1. A Game where people schedule to play it with each other from time to time.
  2. A Game that is continuously online will require someone to nurture it and encourage it to grow.

You can't just turn an adventure on and expect people to come running. It takes a lot of work to market, organize and grow the community within an adventure. Sadly, this makes the survivability rate quite low and only a handful of adventures manage to get off the ground. All of which have dedicated people committed to hosting events and planning activities for the community.

Can I create an adventure for a game I want to play with friends?

Yes. If you are Lorgaire or higher you can click the "Create an Adventure" button at the bottom of the Adventure page and choose from a list of pre-approved adventures.

If you don't see your game listed there, contact Foghladha. Additionally you can run events as an Open Adventure regardless of the game, which will allow the game you are playing to show up on the game request list.

Why isn't [Insert Game Here] an Adventure?

Because nobody has tried to organize it yet. It takes someone with initiative to create and maintain an adventure.

What's the difference between a Warparty and an Adventure?

An Adventure is a Game. A Warparty is a group of people playing a game. One person can only join a game once, but can join several warparties in that game.